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Scientific Events

Friday 25th June 2021

JADE 2021 - Journée Annuelle des Doctorants de l'ERUDITE -
Annual ERUDITE Doctoral Student Day


Opening of JADE (Meeting ID: 883 4110 8067 / Password: Jade2021)

9.45am-11.15am - Parallel Sessions 1

François-Olivier Baudot, Impact of benzodiazepine use on the risk of occupational accident (discussion by Florent Sari and Anne-Marie Konopka)

Justine Bondoux, How does my partner's disability affect my career path? A European Study (co-authored by Sandrine Juin, discussion by Pascale Petit and Naomie Mahmoudi) (Meeting ID: 945 9147 7645 / Password: Session1.1)

Public services and social identity
Louis-Alexandre Erb, L'école améliore-t-elle l'engagement citoyen des jeunes ? - "Does school improve young people's civic engagement?"(co-authored by Emily Helmeid, discussion by Thibault Brodaty and Sophie Audrain)

Yang Yang, What is New About Hukou Reform (co-authored by Catherine Bros and Julie Lochard, discussion by Marine De Talancé and Redha Fares) ID: 836 9152 3159 / Password: Session1.2)

11.15am-11.30am - Coffee break

11.30am-1pm - Parallel Sessions 2
R&D companies and wage inequality
Redha Fares,
R&D expenditures & survival (co-authored by Amélie Guillin, discussion by Pierre Blanchard and Olivia Ibrahim)

Julien Cardoso, Les politiques d'encadrement de la négociation collective sur l'égalité professionnelle ont- elles un impact sur leur résultat - "Do framework policies for collective bargaining on occupational equality have an impact on their outcome?"(co-authored by Anne-Sophie Bruno, Ylénia Curci, Kadija Charni, Nathalie Greenan and Jeremy Tanguy, discussion by Emmanuel Valat and Louis-Alexandre Erb) (Meeting ID: 889 7981 9473 / Password: Session2.1)

Discrimination in access to employment
Naomie Mahmoudi,
Are people with disabilities discriminated against in hiring? Evidence from a multi-criteria test in the Paris region (co-authored by Yannick L'Horty, Pascale Petit and François-Charles Wolff, discussion by Sylvain Chareyron and Christophe Loussouarn)

Louise Philomène Mbaye, Visual impairment and access to employment: An experimental evaluation (co-authored by Sylvain Chareyron, Yannick L'Horty and Pascale Petit, discussion by Souleymane Mbaye and Justine Bondoux) (Meeting ID: 948 6789 1418 / Password: Session2.2)

1pm-2.30pm - Lunch Break

2.30pm-4pm - Parallel Sessions 3
Sofiane El Ouard
i, Credit Gaps as Banking Crises Predictors: Different Tune for Middle and Low-Income Countries (co-authored by Vincent Bouvatier, discussion by Sylvie Lecarpentier Moyal and Oriol Boum Galiana)

Olivia Ibrahim, The effect of fiscal policy shocks on output and welfare in a small open economy (discussion by Melika Ben Salem and Sofiane El Ouardi) (Meeting ID: 896 1756 8999 / Password: Session3.1)

Health / Social Commons 
Anne-Marie Konopka, Can multi-professional medical homes reduce emergency department visits in France? (co-authored by Thomas Barnay and Christine Sevilla-Dedieu, discussion by Clémence Bussière and François-Olivier Baudot)

Sophie Audrain, Les communs sociaux au 19ème siècle en France -  The 19th century social commons in France (discussion by Anne Fournier and Julien Cardoso) (Meeting ID: 991 3192 0459 / Password: Session3.2)

4pm-4.15pm - Closing of the JADE (Meeting ID: 868 2992 7606 / Password: ClotJADE21)