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Working papers

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WP 1 - Measuring the effect of health events in the labour market - E. Duguet


WP 2 - Pollution, children's health and the evolution of human capital inequality - K. Constan, M. Davin

WP 3 - Ownership incentives and housing affordability: Evidence from France – S. Chareyron, T. Ly, Y. Trouvé-Sargison

WP 4 - The effects of prostate and testicular cancers on individual labour market outcomes: an evaluation from an administrative panel in France - T. Barnay, E. Duguet, J. Lanfranchi, C. Le Clainche

WP 5 - How does disability affect income? An empirical study on older European workers - J. Bondoux, T. Barnay, T. Renaud, F. Jusot

WP 6 - Access to school and learning outcomes of children with disabilities in Pakistan. Finding from a household survey in four administrative units - N-B Upadhayay, Q. Kakar

WP 7 - The informal enconomy and gender inequalities in North Africa - P. Adair

WP 8 - Recours et non-recours à la prime d'activité : une évaluation en termers de bien-être - C. Hannafi, R. Le Gall, F. Legendre

WP 9 - The effects of the Non-Financial Component of Business Accelerators - F. Gilles, Y. L'Horty, F. Mihoubi

WP 10 - Gender and age diversity. Does it matter for firms' productivity? - L. Challe, F. Gilles, Y. L'Horty, F. Mihoubi

WP 11 -Is there a gender gap in health among migrants in Russia? - S. Pellet, M. de Talancé

WP 12 - A survey on funding MSMEs and female entrepreneurs in MENA countries and the microfinance issue - P. Adair, I. Berguiga

WP 13 - Exogenous vs. endogenous obstacles to funding female entrepreneurs in MENA countries - P. Adair, I. Berguiga

WP 14 - Working conditions and disabilities in French workers: a career-long retrospective study - T. Barnat, É. Defebvre

WP 15 - Credit gaps as banking crisis predictors: a different tune for middle- and low-income countries - V. Bouvatier, S. El Ouardi

WP 16 - Comment favoriser les dynamiques bénéfiques entre santé et travail ? - T. Barnay, Éric Defebvre